London’s Gems

London from Greenwich

I decided to finish off my London blog on a good note with all the “gems” of the city. Everyone knows about Big Ben, Picadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, etc., but what are the real treats in London that most people pass by without even realizing? After my 5 month journey here, I have a few places that I really like, and will miss a little when I leave. Most places are either good spots to eat or drink, but that pretty much covers anything anyways, right?

Ben’s Cookies

Ben's Cookies

O man will I miss this place. Ben’s cookies has the best cookies ever. My two favorite are chocolate chunk and white chocolate macadamia nut, but there really isn’t a bad cookie you can find there. I’m planning a road trip to Salt Lake City later on in the summer to visit the only Ben’s Cookies in the U.S. if anyone wants to tag along.

Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros

Even though it’s not in the middle east, I think Hummus Bros can hold it’s own with some of the best. They should really consider opening these up on college campuses in the U.S. Great place for lunch/dinner, or even just to pick up a snack.



For all the good Kosher keeping Jews out there, Met-Su-Yan is just as it sounds, Metsuyan (hebrew word for my non-jewish readers). London is probably one of the best places you could be in Europe if you keep kosher, but unfortunately all of the jews live really far up north. If you make the trek though, Met-Su-Yan is this great kosher chinese place. Servers are chinese, but don’t worry, the bar tender wears a kippah and tzitzit.



Greenich is just on the outskirts of London, and is just a great little area to walk around. Many of you may have heard about it from Greenwich Meantime (GMT). It’s where the prime meridian is located, as well as the place where the official time is set. They have a beautiful park, great museum, and cheap places to eat. You can even take a fun picture standing on each half of the world!

Prime Meridian

Borough Market

Borough Market

There are many great markets in London, and this one just happens to be my favorite. Unlike the other markets, this one is all food. The other amazing part is that you can basically eat a full meal off of all the samples they hand out there. It’s basically like fridays at Byerly’s on steroids.



Shoreditch is a really fun, “alternative” area to go out in London on the weekends. The crowd is much younger than the usual 30+ group you will see at most bars around the city on saturday nights, so it’s a nice change of pace. One bar there had this light up dance floor in the basement, and the night I was there, they played 50’s music the entire night, so we all had an amazing time.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is where all the best Indian restaurants are located in the town. I’ve never been disappointed in any of my food there, which can probably be explained by the fact that they share kitchens and have tunnels running between each place. Hey if it brings the price down, they can do anything they want. Besides the great food, it’s an experience eating out there. As you walk down the street you can’t miss hearing “I give you 30% off and 2 rounds of drinks” at least 20 times.

Gordon’s Wine Bar

Gordon's Wine Bar

Gordon’s is a true gem. They claim to be the oldest wine bar in England, which you soon realize as you duck your head to find a table in the old wine cellar. This place is constantly busy, no matter the day of the week or what time of the day. You’ll only find locals in here, as I will admit, it does look a little sketchy from the outside. Don’t worry, I didn’t actually drink there. Please… just went to hang out.

Princess of Wales

Princess of Wales

Not really a gem like Gordon’s, but it was the only close pub still open when Gordon’s closed at 11 pm.

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour


Don’t worry, this isn’t a real picture, he’s not alive anymore. I probably have a slight bias towards this one, but I thought it was a solid walking tour, with some really fascinating information. There isn’t that much to see anymore, but the “famous” tour guide keeps its interesting.

I saved the best for last. If you’re going to see anything in London, you HAVE to go here. It should be a MUST on everyone’s list. I’m writing an email to Foder’s and Let’s Go to have them add it to their travel books. I don’t know how anyone could have really missed it in the first place…

127 Stamford Street, Apartment 83A

My bedroom

As much as I want to write I’ll miss my room when I’m gone, I just can’t pull myself together to say it. I’ll miss the location I lived and everything else about London, but not my room. I’m thinking about burning it down before I leave so nobody else has to experience it for 5 months again.

Well, my time is just about up in London, and I’m all ready to come home. I know it’s sad there won’t be any more blogs in the foreseeable future, but you never know. Abroad is just an amazing experience that everyone who has a chance to should take advantage of. London wasn’t my top choice in the beginning of my search, but I am soooooo happy I came here in the end. No regrets. Only amazing experiences, memories, and an empty bank account. I’ll be back one day…

Cheers London


2 Responses to “London’s Gems”

  1. bilbo1 Says:

    As much as I want you to come home, I’ll miss your blog………..I’m not gonna lie.
    I guess if engineering doesn’t work out, you have a career in blog writing.
    See you in 2 days!

  2. Dovid Glotteir Says:

    It’s Byerly’s not ByerlIES…with a ‘y’!

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