Mark and Debbie complete Glotter London cycle


After 2 surprise visits from Rachel and David, the only Glotters left to visit me in London were my mom and the sugardaddy himelf (although we all know who is really the one made of money). Well, they finally made it across the pond, and caught me at a perfect time with no classes and no need to study (but then again, that’s 90% of the time here). It was great having them here and we did a lot of fun and expensive things, so I had a blast. Here is a nice summary of my dad’s trip all wrapped up in one photo:

Dad sleeping

My mom’s trip can’t be summed up that easily, so we’ll start from the beginning. After an amazing nights sleep in their 5 star hotel, we jumped on the train to go and see the famous stonehenge. I thought we would just walk up and see the rocks and move along, but to my surprise, we had this amazing tour guide who made everything so much more interesting. Stonehenge is only 1 of the many stone circles in the area, as well as thousands of burial mounds and tombs. We first went to this other stone circle called Avebury, the largest of all the circles, where you can walk up and touch the stones. Each stone has meaning to it, and many even had these natural shapes that looked like faces. Here is one of a skull:


Anyways, what he explained was that everything was connected by these energy lines in the earth, giving everything, including stonehenge, more meaning. With all the context, finishing the day in stonehenge was so much more powerful and neat. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and in my opinion, the day’s events were some of my favorite things in England so far. We rushed back to London to see Oliver, which was great and worth seeing if you have the chance.


Apparently my mom and dad wanted to minimize their time in London, so we headed off to Edinburgh the next day for a quick 2 day trip. As you can see in the picture above, Edinburgh has a big castle perched up on a hill, but really, the entire city looks like a castle. It’s a small little place, but is beautiful, even though the weather isn’t the greatest. We took a day trip up to the highlands on this bus tour, where my dad continued to catch up on all the sleep he has missed in the last 15 years of his life. The tour was about 12 hours long, and I think he was sleeping for at least 7 of them. It was pretty impressive. He can’t sleep in the most comfortable bed in the world, but put him on a moving vehicle, and he’ll sleep like a champion. So dad, here are a couple highlights of everything you missed:

They have really funny cows in the highlands. Grandma and Grandpa, you can never again yell at me for not combing my hair.

Highland Cow

Here is a nice view in front of some mountains. As you can see, my dad is standing, but don’t let it fool you. If you look close, his eyes are closed.

some mountain

Now for the “pride and glory” of the highlands. They could probably care less about the lake but it brings in too much money. Look! I found the Lock Ness monster!!!!!

The lock ness monster!

Enough of Scotland. We did actually spend a few days in London, so we might as well throw in a couple pictures of the time there. On saturday morning, we went to the Bevis Marks synagogue, the oldest sephardic synagogue in England. Because it’s sephardic, they all wear these cool top hats, and even have a little choir that harmonized beautifully. I was waiting for them to pull out songs from the original Adath Jeshurun cast of Rosh Hashanah The Musical, but it never came. My dad tried to get in on the action when they asked him to bless the synagogue with other cohen there. Unfortunately, the other cohen had the most amazing voice you have ever heard, and although my dad can hold his own with some of the best, he didn’t make the cut. They gave the aliyah to the other guy, and I flashed my dad a big L on my forehead.

The last day they were here, we tried to go to watch changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, but the London marathon was going on, so instead we watched that for a little. They had a number of olympic athletes which was really cool. It inspired me to run one myself, so I signed up. You don’t believe me, but I actually did. I’m a little scared. Here’s me and mom outside the famous Big Ben:

me and mom by Big Ben

Because it was such a nice day (and because it’s so expensive), we finished it off with a cycle around the London Eye (pun intended: see blog post title). We got amazing views of the city, and were even able to see my street. If you follow the street right behind the big circle thing (the Imax), my apartment is the like half way down the block on the right.

My Street

We had a great time, and I was so glad they came. Thanks mom and dad for everything! Unfortunately, right when they left I had to start studying for a test, but I guess you can’t with ’em all… unless you’re the Minnesota Twins of course. Twins Win!



2 Responses to “Mark and Debbie complete Glotter London cycle”

  1. Dovid Glotteir Says:

    WOW!!!!! You can see your apartment from something tall a two minute walk away!!???!!!!! NO WAY!!!!

  2. rachel Says:

    that rock looks like a skull if coneheads lived back then.

    funny blog though

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