Classes are over and I’m ready to travel

Schools Out

As sad as it sounds, yes, classes are over. They had a nice little run going, but like every other good thing in life, they had to come to an end at some point. So, after 10 weeks of sitting in a desk, I receive my 4 week break. You may be thinking to yourself that classes must have met 5 times a week if they get everything done in 2.5 months. Well, two of my classes only met once a week, and when you miss a couple of those here and there, you’re really only looking at 7 or 8 classes. Not that I missed any, but hypothetically speaking, it’s just not a lot of time to learn. The crazy thing is that after my month break, exam time begins, but I don’t really have anything (except a make up midterm) until May 27! Then I have my second exam May 29, and a paper due a couple weeks later. I may know the material now, but ask me again in 2 months when I need to sit my exam. I get just as much time to “prepare” for my exams as the length of the classes were themselves. I don’t get it. Just another crazy British thing I guess.

Well I’m off to Italy, Spain, and France. I probably won’t be able to post for another 3 weeks, so everyone gets a little break. Hopefully I’ll have some exciting stories for you…



2 Responses to “Classes are over and I’m ready to travel”

  1. Bilbo 2 Says:

    I was really worried classes would be too tough on being the only American in the program.
    If Michigan is $75 per class…what is Kings College?
    It’s like tossing $$ out the window.

  2. dovid Says:

    toss money this way!

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